August 24th 2019 – SPARTAN SPRINT

Spartan Race
Spartan Race
August 24th Spartan Sprint

Let me say that this isn’t the first SPARTAN RACE that our members have done but since we’ve decided to start writing about all the wonderful things this community has done we decided that there’s no better time than to start with this very proud moment.

Today our community of CrossFit Athletes banded together to tackle the Spartan Sprint over at Westpoint. For a lot of our athletes it’s their first time. For some of them it was a culmination of 3 such races giving them the honor of having completed the Spartan Trifecta. Whichever they completed one thing is for certain. They did it together as a team,… as a family that leaned on one another. Experienced or not, they were there for each other, each one stronger for being there and stronger still for being there for the person next to them.

In the evening when social media became frenzied with posts of achievements and joy, it was with great honor that my heart swelled with pride and happiness. There are two such reasons why:

  1. I saw a lot of “thank yous”: the outpouring of gratefulness from the Athletes to each other, their coaches, loved ones, and friends was astounding. As a community, we support each through thick and thin. Today it was displayed to the word how a true team functions each leaning on the other to cross the finish line together. You teach it and preach it, see it grow everyday and and special days like today it truly means a lot to have been a part of that growth.
  2. I read a lot of “I never thought I would ever do this” or “Never in a MILLION YEARS could I have imagined I would ever”…. and so many variations of the same thing over and over. Yet, they all ended the same way,… with “I DID IT!” This is why Charly and I started this Big Little Gym of ours called CrossFit Rising Legends. Many of our members never knowing their true potential. They come in wanting a change, not sure if this will be the next thing that fails them. We refuse to fail them as long as they trust themselves and trust the process. We watch each member consistently grow, and slowly we see an Athlete’s confidence grow into this beautiful ball of “I CAN”. Today, the proof came flooding in with the OVERWHELMING amounts of our athletes believing in themselves each having completed the race. Their belief in themselves is worth more than a thousand words. It is what drives Charly and I to do better daily.

So realistically, I started writing this to show how amazing our members are and I’m ending it by saying THANK YOU. To everyone that lent a hand, stayed behind and help another person, to all the supporters that came out to cheer words of encouragement, to those that organized and to all the members that believed in themselves enough to have tackled this race today. You guys are TRULY awe inspiring and we LOVE you for it. Thank you for Growing your Legend with us, you make us prouder than words can ever say.

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