Alexis Colwell



Before joining CFRL what was your biggest struggle? What were your biggest frustrations?

The life of a working mother/wife is not for the weak; The responsibilities that come with that title are my priorities. Very much so, that I forgot to take care of myself. Prior to joining CFRL, my greatest struggle was not being able to do simple things like climb the stairs without becoming instantly winded. My physical ineptness kept me from being active with my children, which became my biggest frustration due to the abundance of energy my children have.

How did your struggle and frustrations affect your life? What did you feel like before joining CFRL?

My struggles affected every aspect of my life, I caught myself falling into a depression. Every day, I equally struggled mentally as well as physically. I did not want to go out and refused to be photographed. I’m embarrassed to admit, I was ashamed of my appearance.

What was it about CFRL that made you join?

On one of my lowest days, I was strolling through Facebook and saw an ad for CrossFit Rising Legends 6-week challenge. I knew at that moment that I needed to dig myself out of the hole I was in, so I hit the Try Crossfit button, I entered my information in and within a few minutes I received a call from Coach Frances. Within 20 minutes, I had an appointment to meet with Charly. I knew just speaking to Frances, that I found my new home. Then Charly sealed the deal. I felt at home. I have never worked out in my life nor thought I would ever join a gym.

What made you stay with us? What do you enjoy the most about CFRL?

CFRL is truly a family. Everyone is so welcoming (Coaches & Members), No one judges anyone instead they will cheer you on every step of the way, they will laugh and/or cry with you, after every WOD there are many high fives and good jobs. I love the fact that there are many member outings, you will never experience that in any other gym.

I completed the 6-week challenge then decided to join for another 6 months and I couldn’t imagine life without my CFRL family so I happily signed a year membership!

How did our program help you? How is Life different for you now?

The program helped me realize that I am stronger than I think I am. The program has given me more confidence in every detail of my life. I have a more positive attitude at home, at work and in my relationships with friends and family.

When I began CFRL, I couldn’t do any sort of routine… I had never done a squat, push-up, pull-up, weightlifting, etc… during a 1 on 1 lesson with Charly, I had a meltdown when all he asked me to do was step on top of the box, the anxiety was overwhelming. I was determined to make my way onto that box and determined to give each wod my very best. There were many WOD’s that I did not think I could get through and wanted to quit but the coaches and other members did not allow me to give up. They pushed me every step of the way.

Since I mentally committed to give it my all, I have accomplished so many things like: Murph, ran a 5K, completed a Spartan Race, I went from not being able to step on the box to jumping on it and even jumping over another person. I do still modify some workouts and some days get into my own head, but I am getting stronger and more confident by the day. I can walk/run up the stairs with NO problem now, I am able to run laps without stopping, I am able play with the kids. I feel so alive!

Were there any specific goals that you reached that you are particularly proud of? How did it make you feel?

I set small weight loss goals for myself on paper to keep me focused. I have reached my 4th goal… 48 lbs. gone. I also said I wanted to complete a Spartan Race, box jumps, running, completing an entire wod, and RX’ing a wod (this one we are still working on).

What would you tell someone interested in joining CFRL?

DO IT! It will change your life guaranteed.

Is there anything personal you would like to add?

- I literally feel alive for the 1st time in my life. I could not have done any of this without CFRL. I remember my very first class, we were doing deadlifts and I was the last one to complete the wod, but I looked around and everyone was there supporting and cheering me on. I knew then that I was in the right place.

- I would like to thank Charly, David, Pat, Brian, Jon, Frances for believing, pushing and having faith in me.

- I would also like to Thank my fellow CFRL members. I have had the honor of building strong friendships that will last a lifetime!

- Thank you especially to Charly, he is like no other human being I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He has given me the courage and confidence to become this “new” person and I am loving her.

- Just 9 months ago I began this journey and what an honor it is to be recognized for my hard work and dedication…. Who would have ever thought I would be ATHLETE OF THE MONTH!!!

- The BEST decision of my life was clicking on that ‘Try CrossFit now’ button! Saved my life ?