Ed Pecora



What was your Goal?

I wanted to try CrossFit because I was offered the opportunity to walk on to a division 1 lacrosse team and needed to get back into shape. 

How does Rising Legends differ from other experiences you’ve had at other Gyms?

Rising legends differs from other gyms because everyone is constantly lifting each other up and pushing you to do your best. No one judges you for the amount of weight on your bar or the time that it took you to finish a workout. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed. 

Why do you still CrossFit?

I still CrossFit because I have absolutely fallen in love with the sport of CrossFit and cannot see my life without CrossFit in it. 

Has anything changed for you mentally? Physically?

My mental state has changed because I am motivated to work out now and I look forward to the different workouts every day. Physically there have been drastic changes, in the past 3 months that I have done CrossFit not only have I lost 40lbs but I also am lifting heavier than ever before while also increasing my stamina to where I can run a mile in under 8 minutes. 

What would you say to someone new who’s thinking about starting?

I would say to anyone thinking about starting CrossFit to absolutely give it a try. I have always wanted to give CrossFit a try but never “found the time” now that I took the first step and begun CrossFit I can never go back. To anyone looking to try CrossFit, 100% give it a shot you just might fall in love with it like I did.