Shannon Kay



How did you find out about CrossFit Rising Legends?

A friend of mine noticed the flags for CFRL on her way to work just about a year ago. She looked up the gym and invited me along when she decided to do a drop-in class. There was a promotion going on for the first month, so I figured if I was ever going to try CrossFit, that would be the perfect way to see what it was all about!

Why did you want to try this? What was your goal?

I knew very little about CrossFit when I first showed up. I've been a runner since high school but felt like I needed to add more strength training into my routine. I was looking to try something different and get stronger, rather than just working on distance or speed.

How does Rising Legends differ from other experiences you’ve had at other Gyms?

I've actually never had a gym membership before. Coming from a running background, I was always uncomfortable with anything heavier than some light dumbbell movements. I generally ran around local parks or my neighborhood, and occasionally added in some body weight or dumbbell movements in my basement. I'd moved back to the area after college and was getting bored repeating the same runs and workouts by myself. CrossFit Rising Legends completely changed that. The workouts are never repetitive, so I'm no longer feeling stuck. I have so many new goals to work toward. I'm much more comfortable lifting weights because the coaches here have taught me so much, and because I'm not constantly worried that I'm doing the movements incorrectly, I've actually started to enjoy lifting and become confident enough to lift heavier than I ever have before. The best part, by far, is the community at CFRL. We push each other to keep getting better, suffer through the most challenging days, and celebrate all of the progress we've made. CFRL is so much more than a place where members go to work out.

Why do you still CrossFit?

I still CrossFit because I absolutely love our gym. I look forward to every workout (well, almost every workout...) and to seeing so many fantastic people. CFRL has been so motivating and inspiring. I've never felt stronger or more fit. I still run; actually, CrossFit Rising Legends helped me train for my first half marathon and improve my 5K time. I can do pull-ups for the first time! I think the great thing about starting CrossFit is that no matter where you start, there is a way for you to do the workouts and continually improve.

Has anything changed for you mentally? Physically?

My perspective on working out has definitely shifted considerably since joining CFRL. I think a lot more about how my body feels than the number on the scale, and my idea of fitness has become more well-rounded rather than cardio-focused. Physically, I have muscles that I had never seen before. I also routinely get up to go to the gym on the weekends and have even shown up for a couple of 6am workouts, which is something I never would have done before.

What would you say to someone new who’s thinking about starting?

Do it! CFRL is such a supportive community and you won't find better, more invested coaches anywhere else.