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Find your fitness, find your legend in our classes! Our training programs are designed to deliver two things - great results and the best hour of your day. You’ll have fun, sweat a ton, and make great friends while you build your confidence and your body. Don’t worry about what shape you’re in today. We scale every workout to meet you where you are. As your skills increase, so will the intensity of your workouts.

  • 5 star review  The most friendliest coaches in the area guaranteed!

    Elvin Abordo Avatar Elvin Abordo
    March 29, 2017

    5 star review  The owner Charly is very open and knowledgeable. Talking to him you'll find out that he's not like some other gym owners who just want your money. He will work with you and if he sees if your doing something wrong he'll tell you before you get hurt, not like how you see some videos where the athlete is trying to complete the workout and doesn't let the barbell go and ends up hurting themselves. The facility itself is very spacious, providing a locker room and a shower. The lighting is on point, and when it gets warmer you'll have natural light too which is a plus. Come through and check them out. I guarantee the moment you join it's not going to feel like a gym. It's going to feel like a family.

    Jay Kai Avatar Jay Kai
    April 4, 2017

    5 star review  Charly is a knowledgeable and inspiring coach. You can trust that he has your best interest always in mind #CrossfitRisingLegends

    J Damian Dillon Avatar J Damian Dillon
    April 8, 2017
  • 5 star review  Such a wonderful facility Charlie is an amazing coach and unbelievably friendly. Everything is well organized and the equipment is new and maintained. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great crossfit box.

    Raphael Castro Avatar Raphael Castro
    November 27, 2017

    5 star review  Charly is funny and full of energy! Passionate with his workout and love to have a little fun in it! ??

    Mel Issa Avatar Mel Issa
    April 4, 2017

    5 star review  "Charly is a loser who has to work out so he can wear those neon tights. Sad." Just kidding. Charly is a passionate, funny, and motivated individual who loves to teach and see people progress and succeed in their endeavors and goals. He taught me how to ride a bike when I was 21!

    Jeff Choi Avatar Jeff Choi
    April 4, 2017
  • 5 star review  Fantastic layout for a crossfit gym. Charly is a top notch coach who will push you to your limits while making sure you are always using proper form. Definitely check out this gym to lose weight, gain functional strength, make friends, and have a ton of fun!!!

    Mike Genadri Avatar Mike Genadri
    July 4, 2017

    5 star review  Great coaching, facility and atmosphere. Charly is a fantastic coach! Great warmups and programming.

    David Tepper Avatar David Tepper
    August 11, 2017

    5 star review  Great gym! Beautiful washrooms! Well paced class! Great leadership!

    Parker Bondi Avatar Parker Bondi
    October 22, 2017
  • 5 star review  Great place with fantastic facilities. Best showers/lockers of any box anywhere and plenty of cool unusual stuff like a yoke, axle, sled, odd objects, and mobility gadgets. Charly and Dave, the coaches, will literally change their personal schedules to make sure you have time to train. Charly somehow magically melded the 5/3/1 variation my wife and I were on with strongman training and the daily WODs. Go here. Lift big. Do skipping and stuff because it makes you less fat. Lift bigger.

    Venkat Motupalli Avatar Venkat Motupalli
    June 16, 2017

    5 star review  I absolutely love this gym. The facilities are extremely nice, not what you would expect at a "typical" box. I'm talking subway tiles and a huge shower that you'd expect to find in a luxury spa. The workouts are challenging, but Charly is there to coach you through it and make sure you're perfecting technique and improving. It's like having you're own personal trainer. Charly has somehow found the perfect balance of expert knowledge and coaching. He drives you to do better without breaking your spirit. My lifting technique has already significantly improved within the first couple months, and I've been strength training (power lifting) for years. Best of all is the atmosphere of this gym. This is the friendliest gym you will ever find. You will laugh each day, I promise. Though everyone is at different stages of fitness, we all celebrate each other's successes and support each other in reaching milestones. Nobody makes you feel bad if you have to modify exercises or if you aren't a very fast runner. Best gym I've ever joined. I quit 5 gyms in the last 2 years alone and finally found "the one" at Crossfit Rising Legends.

    Jasmine Motupalli Avatar Jasmine Motupalli
    August 4, 2017

    5 star review  3 reasons why I love going here: 1) I live a sedentary lifestyle. I knew nothing of crossfit and was intimidated by the box jumps and weights people keep on posting of themselves on social media. Charly offers an "on ramp program" which breaks down the movement and teaches you proper form. He puts your safety above all and really takes the time to observe and correct you. 2) Like most Rockland commuting folks, I wake up early and take the bus to Manhattan. By the time I get back, it's about 7 and I don't want to spend time driving. Luckily this gym is on Rt. 303 by Foodtown which is on my route home! Time and gas saved with the convenience of the location. 3) I get bored easily and abhor repetition but I love having a routine. Charly designed the program such that you do something different every day. I never thought I would say this but I actually look forward to working out now. My husband and I both feel the difference in our overall well-being.

    Theresa Cruz - Abordo Avatar Theresa Cruz - Abordo
    April 7, 2017
  • 5 star review  Charly is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate coaches in the fitness world! You can't go wrong with him and what he delivers is truly invaluable!

    Chris Cueto Avatar Chris Cueto
    April 4, 2017

    5 star review  Prior to giving Crossfit a shot I traditionally ran as my workouts, but had been experiencing shin splints and knee pain so I knew I had to try something different. I was a little nervous to try it because I wasn't particularly strong, but that's the point. Charly does an incredible job of breaking down each movement and exercise. He and the members of this 'box' could not be more welcoming or friendly to their peers and newcomers alike. Whether you're an experienced Crossfitter or a newbie, this is the place to be!

    Bridget Kunz Avatar Bridget Kunz
    October 16, 2017

    5 star review  Took advantage of the intro offer and did a drop in class....boy did I feel it...but in the best way. I felt welcome, Charly took his time to make sure I got the moves down and knew what was going on, and even others more advanced took the time to give me pointers or talk to me, not once making me feel awkward. I love that each individual may be at a different level of fitness but that the grouo works as a unit. If you get the chance, seriously give this gym a shot, you won't regret it. Right now my schedule is tight but I still found something that can work for me.

    Martine Sainvil Avatar Martine Sainvil
    September 3, 2017
  • 5 star review  This summer, Patrick has been training for RPI football with our awesome cousin and fitness coach Charly at Crossfit Rising Legends in Valley Cottage. Over the past 3 months, not only has this been an amazing opportunity for Patrick in preparation for college football, he is also blessed to have this experience at Charly's beautiful, brand new facility. If you are looking for fitness instruction, group classes, individual training, or a personal coach… This is the place! Charly and his staff are running a fantastic gym, and there is something for everyone! Please stop by to check out the facility and learn more about the programs. And thank you Charly for everything you have done for Patrick. He is stronger, faster and healthier than ever, and ready for the next adventure on the college level! You are the best!

    Sharon Brandt Naughton Avatar Sharon Brandt Naughton
    September 8, 2017